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The exclusive MFS Fitness Program was developed as a means to bridge the gap between the principles needed to achieve the results you wish to see in the mirror and your ability to actually apply them. After more than 15 years of trial and error with countless clients, we have finally found the perfect recipe. Our unique principles are designed around the concept of allowing our clients to “live like a normal human being” while seeing the dramatic transformations in the mirror! With principles like a necessary cheat meal weekly and the ability to enjoy your favorite treats and/or adult beverages, it has proved to be a program that anyone can follow and, more important, stick to!  

Another key ingredient to the extremely high success rate that our program holds is a concept that the team at Mitchell Fitness Solutions has worked tirelessly to develop. It is a set of methods that will teach you “how to adapt and modify,” leaving it virtually impossible for you to fail. With far too many programs on the market now that will provide results only if you are 100 percent effective in your execution, we feel this simply sets people up to fail over and over again. After all, we are all human and not capable of perfection twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Hence the MFS Program was born! We wanted to develop a program that DID NOT require perfection day in and day out. We didn’t want to offer yet another program that made the client feel like they needed to quit their day job to live in the gym or give their families up for adoption, and we have done just that.  

With countless success stories from all over the country, we feel we have accomplished what we set out to d.! Don’t take our word for it though — take a look at our success stories and see for yourself!  

So how does the MFS fitness program work?

The MFS Program is twelve weeks long. We have found this to be the sweet spot to not only get our clients on the fast track to success, but, more important, for also allowing them to create and replace a few key habits to ensure this is in fact the LAST time they will ever have to go through this process. With our intentions being to not offer just another quick-fix program that provides you with short-lived physical changes or “instant-gratification results,” we will be guiding you to the those results you are so desperate to see, but, more important, teaching you how you made it all happen! This has proved to be a key ingredient that sets our program apart from the rest. You will be provided with the proper tools and shown how to actually use them.  

The main three components we focus on are nutrition, exercise and targeted cardio program design. These three components are applied and modified in three different stages. The first stage is what we call the Reset Phase, where we go to work on all the internal systems such as metabolism, how your body responds to food, and any hormonal imbalances, just to name a few.  

After we have ensured that your body will no longer fight you as you move through your journey to the new you, we then shift into phase two, or the Transformation Phase. This is when we really start to see the magic happen in the mirror! This might be a wise time to start setting some funding aside for a new wardrobe, because you will undoubtedly need it! 

The third and final phase is what we call the Maintenance Phase and is designed to give you your game plan for how to maintain your success no matter what life throws at you. In this phase, you are provided the final program components that you can take with you anywhere you go. Regardless of if you take a vacation or transfer out of the country, you will have the same road map that has given all of our clients the ability to adjust on the fly and live like a normal human being!



The last key component that sets us apart from the rest is one that we are all in need of: support! You will have full access to our team at Mitchell Fitness Solutions every step of the way. We like to say that we will be walking beside you every step of your journey, ready to pick you back up when you have fallen down, which we all do. With full access to our support team, you will never be left to figure it out on your own again!  



My name is Devin and I am twenty-three years old.  My journey with Dean Mitchell began about three months ago after I had graduated college.  I have always been an active person, however my diet and nutrition would get in the way of the results I truly hoped to achieve.  To put it frankly, I started his program due to the fact that I didn’t have much to lose, but SO much to gain.

My goal was not to lose weight per say, but to gain muscle as well as knowledge pertaining to diet and nutrition.  I wanted to learn what to put into my body and at what times in order to see the results I have been craving for the past several years.  The program is changing my life in several ways.  As stated before I am learning how to eat properly in order to maintain and grow muscle, while at the same time deteriorating unwanted fat.  The group training I attend at his gym assists me and force me to challenge my body into forming muscles and building strength in places I never knew I could.  The support I am given on a daily basis, not only from Dean but the other individuals that attend his facility is truly motivating and inspiring.  I have already seen and felt such an improvement with my body and emotional state.

Every time I attend a session at Mitchell Fitness Solutions I amaze myself at how much stronger I get every time.  Dean Mitchell has honestly changed my life, and continues to every single day.
Sincerely Devin
Novi, MI


I am a 46 year old mother of four.  I had decided at the age 40 that I wanted to get healthy!  I worked out non stop for 5 years and tried just about every program you could imagine.  This along with a healthy diet, at least at the time what I thought was healthy.  At one point I even gave up all alcohol for 8 months thinking maybe that was the culprit.  Over the years I was noticing positive changes but just not significant enough for all my hard work.  I decided it was time to try one more program.  That is when I met Dean Mitchell and everything changed!  I remember telling him that he was my last hope to get the results I had been dreaming of and that if I didn’t after giving my all I was giving up.

           It was at our first consultation that he sat me down and started asking me questions about my goals, daily nutrition intake and timing along with exercise schedule.  With that information alone he immediately told me he could help and WOW did he!  The way he explained it to me was basically that I had been starving my self and working out too much.. which went against everything that my generation, especially woman were taught.  Dean set me up on different variations of nutrition schedules which ran a course of a couple weeks for each.  I was eating more food than I ever thought possible, and was eating anywhere from 5 to 7 meals a day.  Throughout the different stages he was always there for support and help with any questions I had.  He measured me monthly to check my progress and would adjust whenever needed to help me reach the goal that I had set.  Not only did I  reach my goal but then set new ones.  I competed in my first figure competition with his support, something I have never thought in a million years I would ever be capable of.  Not only does he give you the knowledge to reach your goals, but healthy habits for a lifetime!!  It doesn’t matter your age, your lifestyle or your schedule, if your willing to put in the effort and dedication, Dean will get you the results your after with his knowledge!!  I have now been a member of his gym and program for almost two years and can’t imagine ever leaving.
Sincerely Yvonne
Northville, MI


Five years ago after having back surgery I gained 30 pounds and was left with neuropathy from my knee down on the right side of my right leg.

I was very stiff in all my joints, my knees are now bone on bone and I am in need of a knee replacement .

I was unable to squat or do a lunge.  Since working with Dean I have lost 20 pounds and my joints feel much for flexible.This was the first time in my life that I have lost weight and not gained. The diet was easy to follow.  Dean will tell you when to eat, what to eat, and how much you can eat and I never felt hungry.

Last week for the first time I was able to do a squat and a lunge without holding onto anything!!
Sincerely Lory
Novi, MI


I have paid many trainers in my past only to fall victim each time to doing the same cookie cutter, one size fits all routine.  This is not the philosophy at Mitchell Fitness Solutions.

I met with Dean for the first time to discuss my fitness goals.  I informed him of a neuro-muscular disease that I was diagnosed with that atrophies certain muscles in my body.  Being somewhat of an unknown condition, he immediately researched it and came up with a plan of action.  He began with a thorough assessment and evaluation of my physical and dietary situation.  He then developed a program specific to my needs while being mindful of my limitations.  Having one on one attention, in my case, was crucial.  We have done a multitude of exercises and physical therapy and under his care, I have improved remarkably.

My diet, and knowledge of how my diet is working and why it is working, is paramount to my success.  It also changes as needed.  Since beginning with Dean in May, I have had 4 different diets.  Each of them written specifically for me and adjusted as needed for evenings out and vacations.  I am 43 years old and have never eaten better or felt better while dieting in my life.  I have never wanted to stick to something and make a life change until now.  We have all followed a diet before.  We all have a pretty good grasp on what is healthy and what is not.  Why I stuck to this one and not the others?  I can only attribute my success and willingness to succeed to my faith and trust in him.  He continues to educate himself on the latest and greatest studies.  He makes himself the guinea pig, so to speak, before passing anything along to his clients.  His positive attitude is inspiring.  His exceptional knowledge and passion for his work is profound.  He instills confidence and encouragement which makes you strive to be your best.

A friend of mine referred me to Dean and I can’t thank her enough.  My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner!

Listen to his podcasts.  Read his book.  Follow him on social media.  You will be glad you did!
Northville, MI

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